MW3 Aimbot v1.2 + Extras - PC, PS3, Xbox360 UPDATED WORKING 2013!

Modern Warfare 3 Aimbot + Extra Hacks - PC, PS3, XBOX360

Updated WORKING 2013!! - Bypass patches and some Chaos mode goodies ;) working aim bot for Modern Warfare 3! Works on any console and PC! Undetectable, no worrying about bans. Has been tested for more hours then we'd like to admit and have had no problems and all of our tested accounts are still playable. So now is time to share the love! Just choose the correct download for what you play on and instructions are in the program.

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Xbox 360:

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Ruth W. Munoz disse...

Muito Bom,instalei no meu ps3 e funcionou certinho!

Brian J. Blunt disse...

Great!! Working Perfect!

James B. Lail disse...


Mitchell A. Windham disse...

Valeu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! já tinha preucurado em vários outros site e em vídeos do youtube,mas esse site foi o único que funcionou e tamém as dicas da página "How To download" me ajudou muito nesse download e de muitos outros sites,valeu cara!!!