How to Hack Temple Run 2 (Diskaid) NO JAILBREAK NEEDED

1) First you need 2 things, the modded gamesave's of each or which ever one you're looking to mod & Diskaid, the download links will be below.
2) Once you download Diskaid, launch the program.
3) Plug in your iPhone/iPod/iPad into your computer.
4) Now on the left, you should see a drop down menu that says Apps & lists a bunch of apps you have.
5) Now hit on the game you want to mod.
6) Let's say Temple Run 2 for example, you're going to drag the modded gamesave into the right colum, then it will ask if you want to overwrite, then you hit yes.
7) You will do the exact samething for Subway Surfer too!
8) Once done, you are able to disconnect your device from your computer.

*Temple Run 2- You'll have over 99,999,999 Coins + Gems*
Download Links;
Temple Run 2 Modded Gamesave-

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